Our Incubator was a prototype project. We successfully were able to hatch multiple chicks.


We created the Fusion 7’s Multi-Game Board. 28 PIN edge connector, with touch screen, bill acceptor, sound and monitor display connections.

Recharge Station

We have made custom Recharge Stations for our clients. This allows customers to make a purchase, without the use of a cashier. 

These recharge stations come with a 19 inch touch screen monitor, Dell, OptiPlex or HP computer, and a MEI  bill acceptor.  

Aluma Crush

Aluma Crush is a self-serve kiosk that allows patrons to recycle cans and plastic to receive credits that can be used to play sweepstake style games. This works on the principle of a reverse vending machine. This was part of a joint venture project, prototype development, to determine the viability of combining the Gold Fusion Promotional Game Software Suite with a reverse vending recycling system.