Carl Anuszczyk


Carl entered the software development business in the early 1980’s and has been actively pursuing game development for most of that time.  Carl, as a founding partner of ASF Software, Inc. (later renamed to Concept Worldwide, Inc.), developed the first multiplayer online poker software suite ever to collect live money on the internet.  Founded on the principles of integrity, quality, and the highest standard of customer service, Jackpot Software, Inc. has been the development project for Carl since 2010.  Carl is commonly quoted as saying, “Proverbs says that it is better to be poor than to be a liar.”  He lives and manages Jackpot Software, Inc. by that principle.

 In addition to software development Carl’s interests lie in helping children, woodworking, electronics and managing a very small farm.  He is currently married to Michelle Anuszczyk and has four grandchildren.  He and his wife are currently in the process of adopting a child.

Steve Singleton


Steve joined Jackpot Software in September of 2010. Starting out with installations and customer service, he now helps to supervise and manage the operation of the company, as well as software testing & development.

Utilizing a skillset developed over decades in a wide variety of fields, Steve brings a broad range of knowledge to his position at Jackpot Software. His background includes experience in; construction, contract negotiation, professional networking, military experience, real estate and insurance.

A graduate of Tabernacle Christian School in Covington Ga, Steve has expanded his education through instructional courses, seminars, and training programs.

Steve and his wife Marynell, an educational nurse RN, specializing in renal disease treatment, live in Covington Ga. They have 4 children, and many grandchildren. Both Steve and Marynell are active in their local church, and with local charity programs. Participation with church choir, children’s ministry and various outdoor activities keep them very busy.


Melissa Hyde

Manager/Senior Accounting Specialist

Melissa joined the team of Jackpot Software in August of 2011. She was born and raised in Covington Georgia. Melissa leads the Jackpot Software team in all of the day to day operations. Her management background brings many talents to her position at Jackpot Software. She is passionate about caring for our clients as well as meeting the needs of our employees.

Melissa has three children and in her spare time enjoys the hobby of extreme couponing.  

Angela Garcia

Accounting Specialist

Angela’s career began at Jackpot Software in November of 2015. She is a native Georgian. Angela has over 8 years experience in business management and over 13 years experience with customers relations. She was hired as an accounting assistant and has worked her way to accounting specialist. Angela handles all of Jackpot Software’s accounting needs.

She has two boys and enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren. Her hobbies include cooking for her family and spending time outdoors.  

Amy Finkelstein

Graphic Design and Sound Director

Amy Finkelstein started at Jackpot Software in May of 2012. In her half of a decade here Amy has acquired skills in the graphic design and sound industry. When she first started with Jackpot Software she worked closely with our customers in the customer service, assisting customers on a daily basis. As she has acquired her new design skills she began working closely with national and international professionals that supply assets for the Promotional Software

Outside of Jackpot Software Amy spends her time pursuing a musical career, serving, and she enjoys consuming the culinary arts. 

Jeremy Dial

IT Specialist 

Jeremy joined Jackpot Software in March 2014 as the IT Specialist. He currently works with the Development Team as a Software and Web Developer.  He specializes in C#, Java, PHP, and Unity 3D.

 Jeremy is married and has three children.  He is a lover of music, a movie enthusiast, and an avid gamer.  He has an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming and Database Specialization.  

Nick Anuszczyk

Senior Technician

Nick is Georgia born and raised. He has been with Jackpot Software since August of 2010 and is our senior technician. He started out doing installs for the company and has since moved to being a technician. On a daily basis, you can find Nick assisting customers with any type of computer trouble, from internet issues to the windows firewall, or even a power supply gone bad. He is a quick learner making him able to easily adapt to different situations. Nick is certified in Windows Embedded 2009 and certified with Linux.


Nick has been married for going on three years. He has a son that he loves playing with outside. His hobbies include fishing, camping, and being out on the water. He enjoys spending time with his family whether it be going for a drive or staying indoors.


Brent Hansen


Brent was born and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho. He worked in the construction field for 25 years. He has been with our team since 2011. On any given day, you can find him helping customers with any technical issues they may have, getting equipment ready to ship out to customers and doing any kind of fabrication for anything that the company needs.  

Brent has been married to his Lovely wife Anna for 24 years, they have 3 sons, Dalon, Logan and Dustin.

He enjoys the outdoors, fishing, hunting, woodworking, and spending time with his family.


 Kimberly Anuszczyk

 Senior Customer Service Specialist/Senior Beta Tester

Kimberly started at Jackpot Software in March of 2014. Throughout her years here she has shown her ability to adapt to different situations and has helped in multiple positions in her time here. With her devotion to learn and insatiable appetite to gain and apply new knowledge along with her extensive knowledge of the Microsoft Suite, she is very valued employee. She is currently working on an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design, with honors. On any given day, you will find Kimberly assisting customers with software related issues, working with managers and Distributors on location issues, leading of testing new software, and helping her team any way she can.

Kimberly has a son, and loves spending time with her family. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outside, fishing, photography, and drag racing.

 Janna Peters

 Customer Service/Assistant/Beta Tester

Janna brings over ten years of customer service experience and two years of management experience to the company. She has been with our team since 2015. Janna’s extensive retail background brings many talents to her position at Jackpot Software. On any given day you will find Janna assisting customers with software related issues, discussing with distributors on how clients can help build their business, testing new software, and assisting management with any other duties.

In her spare time, she loves spending time with her two children and dog outdoors. She also loves hunting, fishing, watching football and crafting.

 Virginia Dial

 Customer Service

Virginia joined us in April 2014.  With many years of customer service and support, she was hired as a CSR and Beta Tester.  She now assists and takes care of our customers throughout the weekends.

 Virginia enjoys family time with her husband and three children.  She is an avid lover of music, an amateur crafter, and loves the sunshine.  She has an Associate’s Degree in Computer Programming, specializing in Java and C#.